Unified Computing Workshops

Unified computing, converged infrastructure—because these terms are still so new and vendor-oriented, the industry hasn’t yet settled on a single generic name for this concept. Regardless of what you call it, it’s rapidly challenging the current paradigm of buying networking from your networking vendor, storage from your storage vendor, and so on.

It’s advertised as less expensive, easier to use, and more flexible than traditional management approaches, but is this really a better strategy for your organization? In this workshop, we’ll address your questions in the context of your current application infrastructure, and discuss where you are on the virtualization deployment curve.

Unified Computing Workshop Topics

Topics will include…

  • Integrating a unified computing strategy into existing infrastructure and hardware and software (legacy)
  • Retention and utilization of assets in a unified computing rollout
  • Application input and licensing costs
  • Testing of application performance
  • Virtualizing your network with software

To learn more, download our Unified Computing Workshop brochure or contact us at info@virtual.com.