Maintenance Contracts Workshops

Too often, companies waste precious resources renewing high-level support contracts they no longer need. In our experience, the problem is usually as simple as miscommunication between departments or missing documentation. Over the course of a year, companies repeat this mistake across various platforms, vendors, and products—needlessly depleting their IT budgets.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Every time your support contracts are up for renewal, you're free to make changes or look for better options. You have several available, and we’ll help you identify the ones that will work best for you. In just one 90-minute session, you may uncover significant savings.

Maintenance Contracts Workshop Topics

In this workshop, we’ll discuss…

  • Identifying co-term, consolidation, or third-party support strategies
  • Managing contracts with multiple people and numerous spreadsheets
  • Removing power from vendors and taking control of your maintenance contracts

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