Application Mapping Workshop

Enterprise IT organizations are facing efficiency constraints, cost limitations, and compliance issues every day. In fact, these issues are taking precedence over the true purpose and responsibility of IT teams―delivering the business services that directly support and empower the processes that drive their businesses.

Our Application Discovery and Mapping Service, or AppMap, leverages data center analytics to increase IT levels of visibility and extend the life of existing data center infrastructures. At the same time, AppMap helps CIOs improve operational efficiencies and lower operational expenses.

Our Application Mapping Workshop explains how businesses and technologies align and relate to application lifecycles and infrastructure road maps. You'll learn how you can help free IT from tedious troubleshooting tasks and how you can better plan and move future IT initiatives forward.

Application Mapping Workshop Topics

In this workshop, we’ll discuss…

  • Application administration
  • Application resiliency
  • Employee and resource burnout
  • Unplanned or unexpected downtime
  • Support costs
  • Future planning complexity

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