Technology Workshops

In a volatile and changeable industry like IT, everyone has questions, but finding reliable answers can be a challenge. That’s exactly the reason Advanced Systems Group (ASG) provides customized technology workshops.

As technology advisors, we offer true, vendor-neutral validation of infrastructure and best practices within an industry vertical. We represent the technologies—not the vendors, so our workshops aren’t necessarily associated with a specific product or solution set. Our workshops begin with a simple business dialogue surrounding a technical issue you’re currently facing or a problem you expect to arise in the future.

It’s your opportunity to ask questions, get answers, share knowledge, and collaborate with your peers. These instructive workshops not only provide your organization with timely and cost-saving information, they also become a great discussion forum for IT planning. (Plus, there’s no obligation and no cost to you.)

How It Works

Workshops typically last about 90 minutes, and they involve the appropriate key stakeholders—usually three or four mid-level to executive employees—who are most closely associated with the discussion topic. We typically schedule them over a lunch, but we’ll accommodate whatever day or time works best for you and your team.

To learn more, contact us at or download our Technology Workshops brochure.

Technology Workshops

Senior Solutions Architect, Eric Eiseman, leads a unified computing workshop.