Interoperability Lab (iLab)

At Advanced Systems Group (ASG), we build vendor-neutral solutions comprised exclusively from technology that’s passed our engineers' intense scrutiny and testing. As proof of our commitment, we’ve built a state-of-the-art technology laboratory, fully equipped with the latest IT products and software from today’s leading infrastructure vendors.

Our cutting-edge iLab features a modern product set with comprehensive testing capabilities—all available from a professionally designed and maintained infrastructure. You can see exactly how your business will benefit from the use of new technologies before committing to a particular solution or undergoing the disruptive and time-consuming process of on-site testing. With remote access, we can even provide live demonstrations from virtually any location.

Testing Environment

As a testing environment, the ASG iLab also helps customers cultivate a deep, hands-on understanding of new technologies, using their own workloads, data, and configurations—but without assuming any of the risk they usually face when considering new deployments in their own complex environments.

Download our iLab datasheet to learn more, or if you're ready to experience your own live demonstrations or discuss potential business benefits with our team of experts, contact us at

Cutting-edge iLab Services