Support Consolidation Services

Companies that react to maintenance renewals rather than proactively planning for them have only two options—they can pay the renewals without verifying the need or the accuracy, or they can let the contracts lapse. If they let the contracts lapse, they might experience an unsupported failure that exposes them to expensive, unplanned downtime.  If they purchase the renewals without verifying the need, they could end up paying extravagant support costs with little to no benefit.

Every time your support contracts are up for renewal, you're free to make changes or look for better options. Advanced Systems Group (ASG) offers an elite team of maintenance specialists who can help you identify the co-term and consolidation strategies that will work best for you—so you can prevent wasteful maintenance spending.

Multi-Vendor Support Plans

At extra no cost, ASG offers multi-vendor support plans, which provides you with a single source for all your support requirements. This reduces the complexity of managing your environment and frees IT staff from the tedious job of staying current on important product support changes.

The dedicated, elite maintenance contract team at ASG offers subject matter expertise regarding the management of multi-vendor hardware and software support contracts. We'll inform you of all support changes and present you with all the relevant information when comparing support for different products and technologies—greatly reducing the complexity of managing multiple vendor support contracts.

Third Party Support Plans

ASG offers several third-party warranty or support plans for our customers who need warranty or support plans not offered by their product manufacturers, or who want to have all support provided by one vendor. We've got you covered if you'd like support that's partly provided in-house, while still having cross-platform support available.

Co-termination Dates

If you need to move multiple support plans to a new support level or would like co-termination dates for your support plans, we can take care of your needs.  In most cases, we can also offer a credit for unused portions of support plans if they are terminated while moving support to a new level or to co-termination dates for multiple plans.

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