Disaster Recovery Solutions


Unfortunately, disasters or business disruptions hit organizations much more often than many people think. Hurricanes, floods, fires, tornados, earthquakes, and mudslides happen with astounding frequency. That’s not all—human errors, power outages, hacker attacks, computer viruses, general mishaps, and accidents can also bring business operations to an unexpected halt.

Is your business prepared for a data disaster? Have you balanced the costs of a data disaster with the costs of disaster prevention? If you have a disaster recovery plan, does it address today's threats? Have you recently tested your plan to be sure it works? If the answer to any of these questions is no, your business might be at risk.

Success or Failure After a Disaster

Today, many regulatory and industry-mandated best practices require a written disaster recovery (DR) or business continuity (BC) plan. Even if these regulations don't apply to your industry, a disaster presents your competitors the opportunity to steal customers. That's how something as simple as a disaster recovery plan can determine the success or failure of a business. If your organization hopes to survive an operation-halting event, you should have a working, tested, and current DR/BC plan.

Don't wait—discover and fix your infrastructure's weaknesses, or allow our experts to do the disaster recovery planning for you. Successful disaster recovery solutions require a proper amount of preparation and maintenance, and the technical experts at Advanced Systems Group (ASG) can help you make sure that in the event of an emergency, you have the right people and the right data in the right places when you need it. To learn more about our disaster recovery solutions, contact us at info@virtual.com.