Data Security Solutions

Every day, hackers are employing sophisticated new tools and techniques to compromise networks, while malware authors are diligently working to exploit security weaknesses. Unfortunately, these criminals are exposing vulnerabilities in areas not addressed by familiar antivirus and firewall solutions.

Assessment teams from Advanced Systems Group (ASG) are available to conduct system-level tests or simulated attacks to determine the operating effectives of existing controls. We can also provide—and even implement—comprehensive, enterprise-wide solutions for breach prevention, detection and remediation. To secure your data against today's growing list of threats as (or even before) they emerge, contact us at

Think Your Data Is Secure?

Hackers correctly assume that many companies don't fix the vulnerabilities in their computer networks, which now extend well beyond Denial of Service Attacks and virus protection. Companies have no choice but to employ innovative data security approaches to get ahead of emerging security threats.

Comprehensive, Enterprise-wide Solutions

As part of its commitment to networking and security, ASG offers security assessments, data security management, and critical incident responses to assist companies with all areas of data and network security, including vulnerability detection and remediation.

With an in-house laboratory, our security experts work at the forefront of vulnerability research and provide valuable intelligence integrated into their security practice. All data security operations are performed by these experienced and certified information security specialists.