Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Converged infrastructure or unified computing? The concept is still so vendor-oriented that the industry hasn’t yet settled on a single generic term—but regardless of what you call it, it’s here and it’s here to stay.

Data center convergence has emerged as the latest consolidation trend as IT departments have begun moving away from their siloed IT architectures and started pooling their physical server, storage and networking devices into a family of shared resources. Companies are now looking at buying a complete converged compute platform that combines networking, storage, servers, and usually some type of software management.

Data Center Convergence

Data center convergence appeals especially to companies needing to trim their operational costs and capital expenses. That’s because converged infrastructure reduces the need for dedicated, single-use components and limits the overall number of components to manage or troubleshoot. In consolidating resources, data center convergence also reduces the footprint of all data center components, which reduces costs even further.

Best of all, companies can achieve these time and cost savings without sacrificing performance and reliability. Data center convergence maximizes the value and utilization of data center assets, so converged infrastructure solutions can deliver greater resource utilization rates and faster application provisioning. Plus, common protocols and fabrics facilitate performance upgrades toward 100Gbs—and with a consistent, common management platform, companies can streamline and train their data center personnel more effectively. Ultimately, these features make converged infrastructure solutions less expensive, easier to use, and more flexible than traditional management approaches.

Data Center Convergence Strategies

Converged infrastructure solutions simplify IT management, which frees IT departments to focus on their companies’ high-value tasks, deploy services more efficiently, and provide faster IT response to changing business priorities or changing market conditions.

Naturally, this presents challenges to the current paradigm of buying networking from your networking vendor, storage from your storage vendor, and so on. Is this really a better strategy for your organization? Advanced Systems Group (ASG) can help you answer this question and provide a clear roadmap for moving forward with your infrastructure needs. To learn more, contact us at