Capacity Planning

At Advanced Systems Group (ASG), you'll find an elite team of consultants with the in-depth knowledge and expertise to help you reclaim server capacity with an optimized virtual infrastructure. Our VMware Certified Professionals offer assessment, design and implementation services to provide you with fully consolidated virtual environments that increase utilization and meet your quality of service needs. To learn more, download our Capacity Planning Services datasheet or email us at

Capacity Planning Services

When you choose our Capacity Planning Services, you'll get:

  • Faster, more accurate IT assessments
  • Improved visibility into consolidation opportunities
  • A clear roadmap for server virtualization and consolidation
  • Proven methodology and technology

Case Study

ASG analyzed 37 servers at a large services company to roadmap future capacity purchases. The assessment revealed that only two new four-core servers were really needed with a virtualization strategy in place. In addition, ASG found that the existing servers had internal storage capacity of 2 TBs, while only 200 GBs were consumed.

With our capacity planning services, this large services company realized significant savings by discovering unused storage and minimizing their new purchases.

Physical to Virtual Conversion Services

Through the use of mature methodology and industry-standard tools, ASG can quickly and reliably convert physical machines into virtual machines, usually with no disruption or downtime, depending on the environment.