Security Assessment

Every day, hackers are employing sophisticated new tools and techniques to compromise networks, while malware authors are diligently working to exploit security weaknesses. Before they get a chance at your sensitive data, protect yourself with an Enterprise Security Assessment from Advanced Systems Group (ASG).

Our elite team of network security experts assist companies with all areas of data security, including security assessments and critical incident response. Our Security Assessment Services can help you:

  • Prevent data security breaches
  • Pinpoint potential areas that may be vulnerable to information disclosure or compromise
  • Expose application vulnerabilities and weaknesses regarding access to sensitive information

Security Assessment Tests

To get the security assessment you need, the security experts at ASG can assess your networks, facilities, and environments using any or all of the following tests:

Digital Footprint

This test will identify employees, networks, resources, partner relationships, and applications in order to pinpoint potential areas vulnerable to information disclosure or compromise.

External Network Penetration

Designed to exploit system and network vulnerabilities, our security experts will conduct this test as malicious individuals with the goal of obtaining sensitive information.

Internal Network Penetration

Our experts will conduct this test acting as trusted company employees with the goal of exploiting system and local access vulnerabilities and obtaining sensitive information.

External Application Penetration

Acting as malicious individuals, our security experts will attempt to exploit application vulnerabilities and weaknesses and gain unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Internal Application Penetration

From the perspective of a trusted company employee, this test will exploit application and local access vulnerabilities and weaknesses, deliberately circumventing the controls to ascertain the likelihood of unauthorized access.

Social Engineering and Physical Assessment

Our experts will perform this test within various environments to establish unauthorized individuals' access to facilities, including location visits, unauthorized access or other activities.

Wireless/Bluetooth/RFID Vulnerability Assessment

Conducted by walking the floors and other areas of the building, this test will look for known and unknown (rogue) wireless devices, and assessing the Bluetooth footprint of the organization.

Security Assessment Deliverables

  • Executive overview and engagement objectives
  • Detailed approach for audit and penetration testing
  • Findings and recommendations
  • Future roadmaps

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