Network Discovery Audit

You may be surprised to find who and what is connected to your network. Likewise, your network's performance issues may stem from unexpected places. With a Network Discovery Audit from Advanced Systems Group (ASG), our knowledgeable consultants will evaluate your network infrastructure and then make specific recommendations on strengths, weaknesses, modifications, improvements, and potential upgrade options to help maximize the return on your technology investment.

Network Discovery Audit Activities

  • Interview key personnel regarding network requirements
  • Identify your business network priorities, needs, and constraints
  • Identify any network problems or single points of failure
  • Assist with network resource allocation, utilization, planning, and performance

Network Discovery Audit Goals

  • Discover old, unused, and unauthorized connections to your network
  • Gain a full equipment inventory
  • Discover network bottlenecks, sub-optimal configurations, and single points of failure
  • Obtain detailed, actionable recommendations for improvements and corrections

At the end of the assessment, our consultants will prepare a comprehensive report, which details all discoveries and results. This report will also identify any new technologies that could improve your network and provide additional information to assist with your future network expansion and budgeting.