Enterprise Assessment

Every organization requires the interaction of software, hardware, and people. How do you ensure that they work together effectively to further your business goals? How can you improve performance, reduce costs, and prevent IT disasters? At Advanced Systems Group (ASG), we have a five-step approach to Enterprise Assessments that helps you understand, clarify, and improve your network architecture and operations.

Five-Step Approach

  1. Our experienced professionals interview your key personnel to capture your company's vision, business objectives, IT requirements and constraints.
  2. Our certified network, hardware, software, and system engineers apply their experience and analytical tools to understanding and analyzing your IT system.
  3. We use advanced enterprise network tools interrogate, map, and plot each network device, port, and system. Storage management tools collect detailed storage, backup, recovery, archive, placement, volume and file data, and tabulate and plot results.
  4. We synthesize your company vision, network data, and storage information into a comprehensive, easy-to-understand set of documentation which presents our conclusions and recommendations, down to the smallest technical details.
  5. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) provide regular follow-ups to quantify changes since the last assessment.

Deliverables and Documentation

At the completion of our thorough assessment, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive set of documentation that includes:

  • Easy to understand wall-size and page-size network maps.
  • Detailed information on all devices on the network, including servers, switches, routers, directors, storage arrays, and workstations.
  • Detailed information on all storage, whether server attached, network attached, or storage area network.
  • Detailed information on all files, categorized by server, drive, workgroup, user, backup status, creation date, access date, and file type.
  • Summaries of used and unused IP addresses.
  • Easy to understand graphical representation of key system information.
  • Identification of single points of failure that can bring your network down.
  • Identification of data bottlenecks that slow your network down.
  • Specific recommendations and urgency levels for corrections.
  • Regular updates of your network information which reflect changes and any new problems that may have arisen.
  • Recommendations on business continuation planning in the event of disaster.
  • Integration of your business goals and constraints into your network strategy.

To learn more about our Enterprise Assessment Services, email us at info@virtual.com.