Application Discovery and Mapping

Business applications naturally sprawl and intertwine across physical architectures through the normal evolution of IT environments. Although created organically over the lifecycle of an application stack, these interdependencies produce complicated solutions that tend to be inflexible and difficult to grow. Ultimately, these unknown application architectures are easy to damage, difficult to troubleshoot, and thoroughly frustrating for the unfortunate employees tasked with supporting them.

Before you make strategic decisions regarding your IT environment, regain control of your application architecture with the Application Discovery and Mapping Service from Advanced Systems Group (ASG).

We’ve specifically designed our AppMap service to help you…

  • Simplify application administration
  • Reduce support costs
  • Prevent employee and resource burnout
  • Avoid unplanned or unexpected downtime
  • Increase application resiliency
  • Minimize future planning complexity

Service Goals

  • Resolve unknown application architectures
  • Understand all components of an application service stack
  • Map application data flows
  • Create a matrix of application interaction and interface points
  • Reduce maintenance costs by identifying and eliminating unnecessary support coverage
  • Prepare a road map detailing current use and future technology enhancements

To learn more about our discovery and mapping services, download our Application Discovery and Mapping Service datasheet or email us at