High-Availability Planning and Auditing

When your business systems must be highly available, it's important to have processes in place to ensure those systems continue to be available over time. If your company is considering investments in high-availability systems, then consider Advanced Systems Group (ASG) High Availability Planning and Auditing Services to evaluate your current architecture and develop a plan with detailed requirements and recommendations.

Our High Availability Planning and Auditing Services evaluate and establish the current state of your high-availability systems, processes, and infrastructure. We also provide detailed, actionable recommendations for improving the availability of your applications and systems, which our experts can then use to design and recommend a 'best of breed' solution specific to your organization’s needs.

High Availability Auditing Services

To ensure the high-availability of your mission critical systems, our consulting professionals first clarify your availability objectives, and then evaluate the current high-availability systems, processes, and infrastructure to determine their ability to meet those objectives. Next, they identify your network's single points of failure and provide specific recommendations to mitigate those risks. Finally, they provide network tuning suggestions to improve the overall availability and performance.

High Availability Planning Services

Our consultants apply specific design methodologies to develop the right high-availability solution. They begin with a business assessment of your uptime requirements and downtime consequences, and then they collect detailed application requirements utilizing our application matrix methodology. After inventorying existing IT infrastructure and discovering your technology standards, they begin a thorough analysis of your requirements. Finally our experts develop detailed high-availability design recommendations along with their supporting business justifications.

High Availability Service Goals

Over the course of a two to eight week period, our elite team of engineers will:

  • Review your existing high-availability policies and procedures
  • Evaluate your data center infrastructure and make specific recommendations on strengths, weaknesses, modifications, improvements, or upgrades
  • Assist with planning high-availability resource allocation, utilization, and performance
  • Identify high-availability single points of failure
  • Identify new technologies that can benefit your high-availability infrastructure
  • Develop a high-availability roadmap
  • Help maximize your return on technology investment

To learn more about our High Availability Planning and Auditing Services, email us at info@virtual.com.