Disaster Recovery Audit

Unfortunately, disaster recovery isn’t a one-time exercise and expense. Your business changes constantly and your disaster recovery plan should evolve with your organization. Companies should have an updated Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) plan whenever people join or leave the company, when IT  adds or removes systems—really, every time anything changes. Disaster recovery plans work best when the technology is ready, tested, and up to date.

If your business isn’t prepared for an emergency, consider a Disaster Recovery Audit from Advanced Systems Group (ASG). Our BC/DR experts can help you prepare for a possible disaster by reviewing your complete IT infrastructure—your hardware, networks, systems software, applications, business processes and tools.

Risk and Business Impact Analyses

Before a Business Impact Analysis (BIA), ASG experts perform a Risk Analysis. In this phase, the ASG team identifies the potential threats to your key assets, which could be any event, disaster, or accident produced by natural conditions or malicious individuals—and the expected frequencies of these threats.

Next, the ASG professionals perform a Business Impact Analysis, in which they identify your business priorities, needs, and constraints and any internal or external interdependencies. The ASG team generally collects this information by interviewing key personnel in your organization. As part of this phase, the ASG experts also identify single points of failure or any BC/DR problems to address.

Disaster Recovery Audit Deliverables

At the conclusion of the audit, our engineers will provide you with a summary, discussion of results, recommendations, and conclusions as they pertain to your computer network.

If you need help designing, implementing, and/or testing a BC/DR plan, we also provide Disaster Recovery Design Services. To learn more about our disaster recovery solutions, email us at info@virtual.com.