Backup Assessment

Lost data means lost business and lost revenue. Is your business vulnerable? At Advanced Systems Group (ASG), our professional consultants can help you develop and deploy a backup plan for every eventuality by providing an objective assessment of your current backup and recovery practices and capabilities. With our Backup Assessment Services, you'll get an exhaustive independent report documenting your current state of recovery readiness, potential trouble areas, and available options and recommendations to enhance your data backup and recovery systems.

Service Goals

Over the course of a two to eight week period, our backup experts will:

  • Ensure your backups can be made within the allotted backup time window
  • Ensure all necessary data and applications are backed up and that they can be efficiently and accurately restored
  • Establish backup performance benchmarks
  • Assist with resource allocation and utilization planning and performance
  • Identify backup infrastructure requirements and limitations
  • Identify backup single points of failure
  • Identify outdated software patches
  • Identify new technologies that can benefit your backup infrastructure and opportunities to extend the life span of your equipment
  • Provide information to assist with planning and budgeting

Documentation and Deliverables

At the completion of the engagement, our consultants will provide you with:

  • Backup policies and procedures documentation, specific to your needs
  • Roadmaps for the implementation of backup policies and procedures
  • Roadmaps detailing the most cost-effective methods and options for adding backup hardware, software and/or services

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