RISC to CISC Migrations

For companies that are still running expensive, aging RISC/UNIX-based servers, the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) offers extraordinary advantages. The difficulty in adopting the UCS, of course, is migrating legacy applications. The challenges involved with migrating RISC/UNIX applications especially can vary greatly from application to application. But it’s possible—you just need the proper planning and a sound migration methodology.

ASG RISC to CISC Migrations

With RISC to CISC Migration Services from Advanced Systems Group (ASG) you can achieve a successful mitigation and realize the increased agility, performance improvements, and cost savings made possible with the Cisco UCS solution. Our structured approach focuses on a set of proven migration methodologies, in-depth analysis tools, and robust planning processes—all designed to safely and securely migrate your RISC/UNIX environments to the x86-based Cisco UCS solution.

ASG RISC to CISC Migrations begin with a clear understanding of your business and technical requirements. Our consultants then develop customized migration strategies that qualify and prioritize your applications into a comprehensive migration plan. To eliminate any requirements based on proof-of-concepts, performance tests, or to confirm vendor product compatibility, ASG consultants leverage our cutting-edge iLab, equipped with the best-in-class technologies and in-depth analysis tools.

RISC to CISC Migration Phases

  1. Survey the existing environment
  2. Analyze performance needs
  3. Map applications to proposed new instances
  4. Design the proposed Nexus 5500 and UCS 6200 platform
  5. Analyze the IT infrastructure needs
  6. Perform infrastructure due diligence
  7. Execute the migration
  8. Survey the new environment
  9. Optimize to gradually improve the environment

With our proven and tested methodology, we can deliver a predictable and reliable solution with fewer components, fewer cables, and fewer points of failure—that will help you lower the total cost of ownership of your datacenter and reduce your dependency on specialized UNIX skill sets. To learn more, download our RISC to CISC Migration Services datasheet or email us directly at info@virtual.com.