Data Migrations

Companies migrate data all the time. They might migrate data when they relocate their data centers, when they make changes to their facilities, or when they optimize server or storage performance. Data migration may also be a component of Business Intelligence (BI), backup, and disaster recovery strategies.

Even at a basic level, data migration affects several key IT infrastructure components. For example, it's often an expected step when companies acquire new hardware, deploy new applications, or upgrade existing applications.

Perhaps because of its frequency, most IT managers consider data migration a routine chore requiring little attention. Unfortunately, data migration is more complex than the mere movement of data from one storage device to another. Typically, true data migration is a one-time event in which data undergoes a format change as it moves to a new system—in order to be compatible with the new system.

Migration Problems

Because data migration is an integral step in many common IT operations, any migration problems hinder companies' agility and responsiveness. If a data migration fails—or if it even slows processes—costs increase. Projects relying on that data run over budget and beyond their completion dates. These companies have no choice but correct the migration, draining IT resources.

Far more seriously though, companies risk losing data integrity with failed migrations. Without data integrity, businesses can't be confident their data is current, accurate, or complete. They may not even be able to identify the last valid copy of their data. And their data may be their most valuable asset.

The Methodical, Data-Focused, ASG approach

Advanced Systems Group (ASG) understands the value of your data, which is why we follow a methodical, data-focused approach to data migration. We have the expertise, resources, and best practices to migrate the right data, the right way, while we protect data integrity as our primary goal. For more information, contact us at, or download our Data Migration Services datasheet.