'Hot' Data Center Moves of Existing Equipment

You need to relocate your data center and its existing equipment, but you also need your data center applications and data available at all times. That might seem like a tall order, but not for the experts at Advanced Systems Group (ASG)—we have just the Data Center Relocation service for you.

Our highly-trained consultants will develop a comprehensive plan to relocate your production data center from one location to another without disrupting access to your data and applications throughout the move.

Hot relocation provides the least amount of impact on your data or application downtime. That's because our technical experts follow a well-established methodology—a carefully controlled process in which they:

  1. Create a duplicate set of server hardware, applications, and data at a temporary site
  2. Establish a large IP connection between the old site and the temporary site
  3. Install and implement replication of the existing site and the temporary site
  4. Breaking the connection to the old site leaving the temporary site as the active site
  5. Relocate the existing equipment to the new site
  6. Establish a large IP connection between the temporary site and the new site
  7. Install and implement replication between the temporary site and the new site
  8. Break the connection to the temporary site, leaving the new site as the active site

'Hot' Data Center Relocation Activities

  • Interview key personnel regarding data-center relocation requirements
  • Identify data-center relocation business priorities, needs and constraints
  • Manage exit plan with current facility
  • Manage the installation plan with the target facility
  • Startup servers and apply new system information (e.g., IP addresses, name etc)
  • Assist in verification of properly working system and applications
  • Track and document amount of data to be replicated
  • Track and document changes made to data being replicated
  • Recommend an appropriate amount of bandwidth to maintain replication of applications
  • Ensure equivalent amount of storage is available at new site
  • Establish IP connection between the two sites
  • Document the external facing IP addresses at old and new sites
  • Install and implement replication (VVR, SNDR, HORC)
  • Begin replication; continue asynchronous replication until fully replicated
  • Prepare DNS propagation within the WWW / internal
  • Switch to synchronous replication to ensure transaction integrity
  • Complete the switch over
  • Manage the entire project, including the formal project plan and coordination of all parties

To learn more about our data center relocation services, email us at info@virtual.com.