'Cold' Data Center Moves

A cold move of your existing equipment is your easiest and lowest cost option. Your data center applications and data won't be available during the move, but you'll still get the same level of expertise and professionalism from the experts at Advanced Systems Group (ASG). We can safely and efficiently relocate your production data center from one location to another, with minimal disruption to your business.

'Cold' Data Center Relocation Activities

  • Interview your key personnel regarding data-center relocation requirements
  • Identify your data-center relocation business priorities, needs, and constraints
  • Manage the exit plan with current facility
  • Manage the installation plan with the target facility
  • Provide assistance ensuring proper data backup
  • Verify data backups prior to server shutdown
  • Document server status (e.g., IP addresses old and new, cable labeling etc.)
  • Shutdown servers
  • Ensure proper lockdown of equipment to avoid 'de-racking' of equipment by movers
  • Supervise the movement of systems from current facility to target facility
  • Setup and unlock equipment at target facility
  • Startup servers and application of new system information (e.g., IP addresses, name etc)
  • Provide assistance verifying properly working systems and applications
  • Restore hardware/data, if applicable
  • Manage the entire project, including formal project plan and coordination of all parties

To learn more about our data center relocation services, email us at info@virtual.com.