White Papers

Advanced Systems Group (ASG) dedicates itself to providing 'best of breed' technology in solution-focused environments. As part of that commitment, our top-notch experts research the latest technologies to uncover the best business solutions that offer the highest return on your IT investments. Read our white papers to see how these solutions can help you solve your business challenges. Then contact us at info@virtual.com to learn what we can do for you.

Making Ethernet Ready for Converged Enterprise Networks

Although Ethernet has emerged as the dominant networking protocol, it presents challenges for organizations with multi-tier networks or server virtualization. Learn how we can make Ethernet ready for today’s data centers.

The Case for a New Approach to Network Security

Learn about the five critical shifts that threaten network security and the new approach to security that can help you address these changes in the threat landscape.

Five Things to Know about Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is destined to become part of almost every organization’s IT strategy—in the meantime, learn the five tips that can help you find your way through the fog of marketing propaganda.

Backup & Recovery for Virtualized Servers

Server virtualization delivers clear benefits, but it also complicates backup and disaster recovery. Learn which backup methods will work best for you in this ASG white paper.

Seven Keys to Success with Linux

Although there's no real substitute for qualified and experienced Linux professionals—with basic IT competency, your organization can follow these seven steps for successful Linux and open source adoptions.

How Red Hat and KVM Ease the P2V Transition

Many CIOs dread physical-to-virtual transitions due to security, performance, and scalability concerns. Fortunately, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, with its KVM hypervisor, has made significant progress addressing these concerns.

Flash Technology—Revolutionizing the IT Infrastructure

Read how the dramatic price/performance gains of flash technology are disrupting the storage hierarchy—and how you can exploit the advantages of flash in your storage environment.

The ASG Approach to Data Center Relocations

Learn how ASG uses its Structured Data Collection Methodology to successfully relocate data centers, addressing the risks of migrating business-critical assets.