Best Practices

While cutting-edge technology can provide stunning results, it can also impose steep learning curves, introducing unforeseen complications. Best Practices from Advanced Systems Group (ASG) offer valuable advice on the do's and dont's to help you avoid frustrating trial-and-error cycles. For more information about what ASG can do for you, contact us at

Archiving Best Practices

Archiving is largely about control—knowing what data you have and where you have it, at the right time and place. Learn how you can trim down your essentials and archive your rarely used content.

Storage Best Practices

Learn how you can establish a storage infrastructure that makes the most of your resources and realizes the highest possible ROI—without sacrificing service levels, budgets, or future scalability.

Storage Virtualization Best Practices

Storage virtualization can be one of the most strategic decisions a company makes. Learn how you can capitalize on the inherent benefits of virtualizing your storage infrastructure.

Maintenance & Support Contracts Best Practices

Learn the maintenance and support contracts best practices that promote cost-effective capital and operational cost controls—so you can reduce ongoing IT costs and increase application availability.

Data Migration Best Practices

Follow the data migration best practices that will help you establish a methodical, data-focused migration process. You'll learn how to migrate the right data, the right way—and avoid data integrity loss.

Data Deduplication Best Practices

Data deduplication can lower the cost of your data storage. Learn the best practices that can help you select the optimum deduplication solution for your environment.

Disaster Recovery Best Practices

When an emergency hits, you need the right people, the right data, in the right places fast. Learn the six best practices that will help you prepare and maintain an effective disaster recovery plan.

VMware Virtualization Best Practices

Successfully migrate your servers and applications from physical servers to virtual servers—while establishing the most efficient, long-term implementation of your VMware infrastructure.