Discover How Software Defined Networking Secures Your Business

The reality for your business is clear: Complexity can translate into slower innovation, greater risk of failures, and higher capital and operating expenses

Software-Defined Networking

Today’s traditional enterprise networks consist of a wide range of special-purpose devices that network administrators need to configure individually—using configuration interfaces and syntax that vary from vendor to vendor.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) offers you a better approach to deploy, manage, secure, and scale networks. SDN is a software layer that provides centralized control of your network and all the devices within it.

SDN uses new network protocols to control diverse networking equipment and consolidate operational network intelligence. As an overlay technology, SDN can replace or augment your classic router-and-switch environment.

It’s the essential connectivity component of the software-defined data center (SDDC).

What SDN Can Do for Your Business

By distributing security policies to every device and every connection across the network, SDN provides a level of security unknown until now. SDN segments a network logically and provides complete isolation between active service traffic.

This type of microsegmentation enforces security policies between individual workloads and applications. Software-defined policies isolate and limit the movement of cyberthreats such as malware or ransomware that have breached the security perimeter.

Centralizing and distributing configurations creates automation opportunities.

Automating your configuration and network change activities helps you reduce risk, maintain tighter security, and have fewer people involved at every level of network management.

Experience SDN with Zero Risk or Interference in Your Day-to-Day Operations

In our iLab, we can walk you through the advanced features of SDN, including how SDN detects, defends, and mitigates malicious activities on your network. Real world examples help you see and understand exactly how SDN can address your specific challenges.

Our top-tier architects, certified engineers, IT economists, and IT consultants can help choose and correctly configure the right SDN solution for you. Why not call or email us to see how we can help you streamline and secure your IT operations?

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