Discover How a Software Defined Data Center Improves Security and Reduces Costs

Decisions about the future of your data center shouldn’t be dictated by vendor lock-in and technology you’ve outgrown

Software-Defined Data Center

A Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) can help eliminate restrictions—and significantly reduce costs—by transcending the physical limitations of hardware.

Simply put, SDDC decouples your services from your hardware. You no longer need to manually apply complex configurations to proprietary hardware solutions to drive your IT.

Having your compute, networking, and storage maintained by intelligent software systems also means you don’t need to physically interact with each piece of equipment.

To achieve the software-defined data center, you need these technologies:

Together, they make it possible to automate your data center with code. You can deliver your infrastructure as a service, based on demand or shifts in workload priority.

It’s your own private cloud architecture—one that allows you to migrate resources on demand between private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Why Move to a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)?

Once you virtualize your infrastructure elements and implement new remote configuration protocols on all your physical devices, you can centrally control and monitor your infrastructure.

Virtualized devices and standardized configurations allow you to scale quickly and reliably—without hiring more staff or buying more purpose-built hardware.

SDDC makes orchestration possible and provides policy-driven automation to standardize configurations. A centralized management system enables you to better meet changing business demands.

SDDC environments are inherently more secure. You can see active connections on your network, and the system constantly monitors activity profiles to make sure they’re complying with your security policy.

You can audit an entire security model at the software level to identify holes, and you can dynamically change the topology when the system detects a threat.

Software-defined environments are easy to modify and re-deploy whenever or wherever you need.

We Stay on the Cutting Edge

Because our top-tier engineers follow a rigorous schedule of continuous research, you can count on us to:

  • Be constantly exploring and testing the newest technologies
  • Vet manufacturer solutions—and test them in production environments
  • Identify product issues and constraints
  • Help you explore new solution sets in our world-class interoperability Lab (iLab)
  • Continually cross-train in many technologies
  • Discover the right solutions for your needs and budget
  • Deliver predictable, repeatable results

In our SDDC workshop, you can discuss your current goals, challenges, and plans for automating your production services.

Together, we can explore solutions and identify the right virtualization and orchestration tools while applying industry best practices to help develop your software-defined transition.

An SDDC architecture may be simpler to implement than you realize.

We’ll help you make informed decisions, avoid vendor lock-in, and integrate a range of technologies that serve you today and into the future. Let’s talk about your needs and discover your best solutions.

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“We always feel taken care of by ASG, never pressured or sold"

“We always feel taken care of by ASG, never pressured or sold. It’s more of a consultive nurturing. If we make a decision, we’re going to work with it a long time. They’re really smart people who we see as our trusted advisors. This is one of those business relationships where we genuinely like the people at ASG — they mesh with who we are.

I know for the smaller guy cost is always a big factor, but I think you have to factor in the value of having somebody present you with options instead of having to know what you want or need. We can go in with our problem and trust they’ll provide us with viable options.”

Kevin Johnson, President - CEO