Store and Protect Your Data—Safely and Economically—with Object Storage

The more your data needs grow, the more cumbersome and costly traditional storage systems become

Object Storage

Object storage, a software-defined technology, provides a more cost-effective alternative to classic storage systems. It’s easier to deploy, less expensive to operate, and it can expand beyond the limits of traditional storage systems.

You can even access your object storage directly through applications and the internet.

Object storage platforms provide better data protection by distributing copies of their data across two or more locations—including cloud-based storage.

This architecture particularly benefits companies that are struggling to manage their exponential data growth cost-effectively.

How Object Storage Systems Redefine Your Storage Economics

  • Runs on commodity, off-the-shelf hardware
  • Reduces primary storage costs by archiving static data for long-term retention
  • Eliminates the need for a separate data backup solution—including tape and offsite storage—and simplifies disaster recovery strategies
  • Makes data easier to manage and maintain, so your storage administrators can handle petabytes rather than terabytes of data
  • Dispenses with time-consuming data migrations to new equipment or platforms

Key Benefits of Object Storage

  • Protects your data while it’s actively being used
  • Works with big data and data analytics to provide new insights that set you apart from the competition
  • Self-heals when it detects errors and corruption in your data
  • Makes you less vulnerable to ransomware
  • Allows you to more easily leverage private and hybrid clouds

Tomorrow’s Storage Trend, Available Today

Object storage is the fastest growing storage approach today, but it isn’t appropriate for every situation.

To find out if object storage is right for you, consider our software-defined storage workshop. We can discuss your current data needs, forecast your expected future growth, and explore the scalability options of your current storage solution.

With the amount of data you’re producing and archiving, you just can’t afford a time-consuming outage. Discover how object storage can save you time and money while increasing your competitive advantage.

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