Meet ASG'sAVA - Advanced Vector Automation

AVA’s AIOps solution will streamline administrative tasks, provide secure consistent configurations and analytics based decision models.

AVA – Advanced Vector Automation

What is AIOps?

“Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) platforms are software systems that combine big data and AI or machine learning functionality to enhance and partially replace a broad range of IT operations processes and tasks, including availability and performance monitoring, event correlation and analysis, IT service management, and automation.”

(Gartner – “Market Guide for AIOps Platforms” – Will Cappelli, Colin Fletcher, Pankaj Prasad. Published: 3 August 2017)

You need AVA AIOps in a Box

AVA represents the next generation of IT operations automation and configuration management. AVA is an analytics centric platform for data center automation and advanced configuration management.  AVA can assist an enterprise that is struggling with these challenges

  • Complexity and increased demands
  • Transformation of business models
  • Siloed IT skill sets
  • Management of uncorrelated data

Traditional methods to track the growth of technology and manage the population of heterogenous devices has been inadequate. Existing solutions that utilize methods such as, element managers or specialized monitoring platforms, are sorely lacking as they fail to correlate the massive data that hundreds of unique devices and systems in the modern data center create.

The result is that there are small areas of automation and performance/availability monitoring, but they do not correlate together to create a complete view of data center service delivery. This is unacceptable.

The answer is AIOps. IT needs new tools and a rational paradigm to automate IT using a universal mechanism that can communicate with all production devices no matter how old. A new technology that can keep a memory of what has happened in the past and use this to predict the future states. A technology that can interact with ticketing systems, enforce and automate IT policies and processes. This new technology will need to process all the inputs that a data center can create and correlate this into a story that explains the state and automated methods to return the system to a healthy state.

This technology is AIOps

An AVA platform for IT Operations (AIOps) transforms IT Operations by:

Collecting data from all your devices without agents
Visualizing configuration data in a logical view
Machine Learning to predict patterns
Alert on anomalies and be proactive

Traditional tools provide domain-centric views without correlating events, thus impacting the visibility and the management of a hybrid cloud environment, costing companies hundreds of thousands of dollars during service outages alone.

An AVA Appliance platform can:

  • Eliminate increased IT and data center complexity
  • Decrease downtime
  • Increase agility and innovation
  • Decrease task turn around

AVA enables your team to aggregate all the information about delivery systems that provide services to your customers. This insight will allow teams to resolve problems faster and even predict problems before they occur.

AIOps Figure-1 - AIOps Platform Enabling Continuous Insights Across ITOM

AVA Collection Engine

Collecting configurations from numerous devices is a huge challenge. The formats and commands to collect the same information from two different devices can be frustrating. It is imperative that IT departments keep a complete inventory of the configurations for the production devices. In addition, they must document and keep procedures available that describe maintenance procedures.

Discovery tools of the past had a hard time reformatting data or retrieving the data at all. It was common for a change to a device to result in the loss of data acquisition. Today’s AIOps tools will need to discover devices and remote PULL the data using standardized means supported by the device, ie the native Command Line tools.

AVA can COLLECT data from your devices with no AGENT.

  • Detects maps and discovers network, compute and storage components without any agents!
  • Catalogues physical and virtual infrastructure architecture configurations
  • Populates a NoSQL Database with all current and historical configurations
  • Provides a resource to report on inventory and configuration compliance

AVA can CORRELATE data from your devices

IT will require tools that can discover systems and operational inter dependencies. Creating a view of your infrastructure that represents a Service Flow is challenging. Mapping applications across several technology domains is highly labor intensive and usually is only done during troubleshooting operations.

  • Discover and map application topology
  • Interact and PULL configuration from all IT tiers
  • Machine Learning against multiple service infrastructure inputs
  • Performance aggregation using service metatags
  • Custom dashboards that direct and inform

AVA Machine Learning

Machine Learning is an absolute requirement in today’s dynamic IT ecosystem. It is impossible for humans to scan all log files and find every indication of an issue or a risk. AVA can collect all the data about the devices in the data center that provide production service and maintain a record of the configurations over time.  AVA makes it possible to engage machine learning algorithms to monitor and predict system behavior.

The answer is a platform that combines the power of machine learning with the ability to auto-discover and correlate entities across transactions, applications and infrastructure.

AVA has visibility to the entire stack, including all network storage, physical and virtual.

ASG has developed multiple ML modules to assist you in tracking and managing a changing environment. By monitoring multi-dimensional inputs to a service health, complex interactions can be detected, and predictions of future failures can be leveraged.

  • Anomaly detection built on your enterprise metrics
  • Time series analysis of all device patterns
  • Predictive analytics for performance and failure

Machine learning algorithms in AVA can monitor your system and determine automatically what is “normal”. This expected Normal can then be compared to new states and configurations. This is an automated process that is continually “learning” about the system states and how all the various inputs to the infrastructure contribute to the service delivery.

Anomaly Detection is Applied to:

  • System resources CPU network and disk
  • Network and application traffic patterns
  • Configuration drift and system availability
  • Service availability and access patterns

Evaluates patterns in real time across the entire hybrid enterprise.

AVA Save the Day

It is not enough to save and track configurations. A true AIOps platform can help put things right when they have gone astray. The AVA platform can not only PULL configurations it can store and retrieve them. In the event that a server is experiencing a technical issue it may be more efficient just to push a known good configuration back onto the device. This resolves the troubleshooting activity and returns a device to service faster and with less technical work.

AVA can PUSH Configuration data TO your devices with no AGENT.

  • User level self-service access to configurations database
  • Standard interface allows ease of update
  • Configurations are tracked for divergence
  • Configuration is maintained and secured
  • Enforce best practice and change control

The CMDB that you always wanted, that is current and accurate. A verified source of truth. AVA comes with a built-in automated attendant, that can PUSH configurations to multiple platforms.

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