Get Honest, Thoughtful Guidance from Experts Who Understand the Economics of IT

On-staff IT economists help you make business decisions that align with your financial goals

IT Economists

Our IT economists show you exactly how technologies fit your IT needs—and your budget— beyond basic return on investment (ROI) considerations.

We’ll help you make go/no-go determinations, decide whether to build on-premise or rely on cloud computing solutions, and turn capital expenses into operating expenses.

With our custom tools for “what-if” scenarios, you’ll make better decisions knowing the potential outcomes—and pitfalls.

More importantly, our assessments help craft a future strategy. Products change, vendors come and go. We follow technology trends and help you make the right decisions that make sense for you in the short term and into the future.

To more effectively manage IT as a business, we can help you choose and implement technology business management (TBM) solutions that can:

  • Provide transparency for fact-based decisions
  • Get your IT, finance, and business unit leaders on the same page
  • Manage the business of hybrid IT
  • Plan and align IT investments to business priorities
  • Standardize IT cost calculations

Planning is a better business strategy than reacting to what’s thrown in your path. IT economists help you get there.

A technology that saves you money today might cost more over time. Sometimes the benefits simply don’t justify the cost. We take your big picture into consideration, so you can see more clearly how the choices you make today will impact your future goals and budgets.

You can rely on us to be 100% transparent. We’ll tell you when costs exceed the value you’ll realize.

Having IT economists on staff isn’t commonplace in our industry, but we consider it smart business. We’re dedicated to client education, and we want to help you succeed over the long term. We do that by helping you get the most out of every dollar you spend and every technology you deploy.

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"We get solutions that work exactly as anticipated"

“We turn to ASG when we need pre-planning insight into current technology and the solutions available for our needs. We get solutions that work exactly as anticipated. I’ve had so many experiences where they’ve pulled me out of harm’s way – I vouch them 100%.”

Kevin Palmer, Senior Systems Engineer