Tired of Making Big IT Investments That Don’t Pay Off?

You can experiment with new technology solutions in our Interoperability Lab (iLab) before you buy

iLab Services

In today’s technology landscape, no one has enough time to evaluate the impossible range of choices available in the marketplace.

Our iLab is built with hardware and software solutions from today’s leading infrastructure vendors. We’ve narrowed down the number of solutions in our iLab to only those that deserve your attention.

Our iLab offers you an enterprise-grade infrastructure where you can evaluate new products in a practical setting to see how they address your challenges.

You can quickly see how your business will benefit from emerging technology before you commit to an expensive solution. With assistance from our team of experts, you can better evaluate the advantages and challenges of new technologies.

Experience New Solutions in a Risk-Free Sandbox

In our iLab, you can cultivate a deep, hands-on understanding of new technologies using the same type of data, workloads, and configurations that exist in most on-premise enterprises.

You can save time and resources while gaining immediate out-of-the-box experience. More importantly, you can experiment with new solutions without risking your existing data center environment or undergoing the disruptive and time-consuming process of on-site testing.

With first-hand experience, you’ll know whether the product functionality matches the hype.

We Help You Make Informed Decisions with Confidence

We continuously evaluate new vendors and technologies to help you navigate marketing claims.

After our thorough and practical testing, we identify the use cases where new solutions can provide the greatest impact. We uncover the limitations of new IT products that vendors don’t always disclose.

You can feel more confident that you’re making the right choices for your organization.

Emerging technologies in our iLab include:

With remote access, we can deliver demonstrations and sandbox environments to virtually any geographic location.

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