Reduce Risk and Downtime with a Well-Planned Data Center Relocation

Our IT consultants have the knowledge and training to make your transition as smooth as possible

Data Center Relocation

Any type of data center relocation can threaten your critical business operations with unplanned disruptions or data losses.

To keep your business up and running, you need a data center specialist skilled in the industry best practices who can ensure a successful move.

Our proven data center relocation methodology isolates data sets, minimizes known variables, and arranges potential back-out points—reducing both downtime and risk.

We can help you choose the right solution for meeting your business and technical needs.

‘Cold’ Data Center Moves

A cold move of your existing equipment is your easiest and lowest cost option. Your data center applications and data aren’t available during the move, but you still get the same level of expertise and professionalism from our experts.

Using our well-established methodology, we can safely and efficiently relocate your data center with minimal disruption to your business.

‘Hot’ Data Center Moves

During a hot data center relocation, your business experiences little to no downtime because your applications and data remain available throughout the move.

When relocating production data centers, our technical experts follow a carefully controlled process with thorough discovery, planning, and analysis phases.

Almost all environments have unknown interdependencies between business-critical applications. To avoid unexpected problems during the move, we identify these interdependencies and provide detailed mappings of your data center.

Using this information, we develop comprehensive relocation plans that fully account for contingencies and potential problems.

We’re with You Every Step of the Way

In the software-defined data centers of the future, you can simply run a script to set up a new environment, making data center relocations much more streamlined and reliable.

For the data centers of today, we provide the consistent execution, detailed documentation, and multi-disciplined engineering resources that you need for successful, non-disruptive data center relocations.

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