Our Data Center Consultants often hear:“I Pay Too Much and It Breaks Too Often”

If you’re working with legacy IT, it’s not an uncommon complaint

Data Center Consulting

Between new technologies and day-to-day operations, your data center is continually evolving. While individual technology silos may operate well, unknown interdependencies between systems can cause break downs or introduce security vulnerabilities.

Addressing these issues doesn’t leave you much time to conduct in-depth research on emerging technologies, especially on complex topics like SDDC and cloud services.

To make decisions that balance your risks and benefits, you need to know where—and how—new technology might fit into your environment and solve your problems.

We Simplify Complex Environments, So They’re Easier to Manage and Maintain

Our highly skilled IT consultants can investigate your current issues and make recommendations for integrating newer technologies that are right for your environment.

Our technology expertise and extensive IT knowledge deliver an outside perspective and an in-depth understanding of your systems. We use that knowledge to help you avoid crises, reduce costs, and boost profitability.

We Look Beyond the Presenting Problem

When you have an issue in your data center, we don’t just look at the immediate problem but dig deeper to uncover possible contributing factors.

To find viable solutions, we take your existing skill sets and operational needs into consideration before presenting you with options. We explain the use cases, so you know exactly how they’ll bring value to your business.

An Objective Point of View Brings Fresh Perspective

Seeing your own systems and challenges objectively is almost impossible. We aren’t mired in your day-to-day activities—we bring an outside perspective and out-of-the-box thinking.

We present creative solutions to difficult problems with the objective of delivering repeatable, predicable results. We’re not afraid to ask tough questions or challenge the status quo.

We Invest in Research and Testing New Technologies—So You Don’t Have to

When you’re working with legacy IT technology, you don’t always have time to look at newer, more cost-effective innovations. We’re constantly evaluating new technologies and monitoring industry trends. We can introduce you to the newest, cutting-edge solutions that will drive more value to your business and increase your competitive advantages.

It’s All About Your Needs

We never make recommendations based on our allegiance to vendors or a certain technology. You can always rely on us to put your needs, concerns, and challenges first. Your success is our top priority.

Our goal is to make sense of your challenges and find solutions to your problems—today and well into the future.

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"The ASG team helps me focus on the future and add more value to the enterprise"

“The ASG team helps me focus on the future and add more value to the enterprise. They just recently introduced me to a new product that’s a perfect fit for my environment and helps me streamline my administration, disaster recovery, and cloud integration. This year I will decommission over 35 servers and reduce my operational costs.

We have been working together for over 15 years now, and they have really helped me be successful. Their teams really are something, always there with the answers.”

Bill Cross, Senior Systems Engineer