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Cloud Native Computing

ASG provides a full suite of agile compute, storage, and network infrastructure. We’re more than a provider of leading technology solutions, we help businesses modernize their IT operations to efficiently add, remove, and change business computing services.

Hyper-Converged Computing

Adopting a converged Kubernetes, VM and container-optimized infrastructure that delivery management simplicity and computing flexibility across all hybrid cloud resources.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

A balanced and seamless approach to workload and data placement between flash-optimized, on-premise, and public cloud storage resources.

Hybrid Cloud Platform Services

Incorporating cloud platform services including intelligent IT automation, data management, and data protection across the hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Integrated Cyber Security Strategy

Simplify the complex using integrated and consolidated security strategy that shares intelligence across the enterprise.

Cloud Native Networking

Fully support applications hosted on-premise and in the cloud with an SLA-based LAN/WAN solution with built-in security and quality of service controls.

Business Focused Cost Model for Hybrid IT

Recognize the right mix of components and organizational structure through customized solutions.

Strategic Vendor Partnerships


"The ASG team helps me focus on the future"

“The ASG team helps me focus on the future and add more value to the enterprise. They just recently introduced me to a new product that’s a perfect fit for my environment and helps me streamline my administration, disaster recovery, and cloud integration. This year I will decommission over 35 servers and reduce my operational costs.

We have been working together for over 15 years now, and they have really helped me be successful. Their teams really are something, always there with the answers.”

Bill Cross, Senior Systems Engineer