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Commvault GO in Denver last week was a chapter-turning event for Commvault. ASG was excited to be a sponsor and be able to participate in the annual tech conference where Commvault announced two significant new solutions, one with their recent Hedvig acquisition, and another one with their launch of Metallic Backup.

Metallic Backup is a SaaS-designed (monthly or annual subscription) cloud-native data protection solution designed for the most commonly used workloads in the SMB-market. Metallic will not only backup Office 365 apps such as Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint, notebooks and PCs running Linux, and Windows and MacOS, but also will backup file servers, SQL servers and virtual machines in the cloud or on-premises.

Commvault Metallic is truly a data protection game-changer. You will be able to backup on-premises data to your own backup target system, to the public cloud, to Metallic’s public cloud, or to all three. A 45-day free trial of Metallic can be accessed here.

Commvault also made another big announcement based on the future use of containers they see coming in enterprise IT. Commvault envisions IT data centers making major production use of containers and Kubernetes for both hybrid on-premises and multi-cloud environments. And with this containerized world, data centers will want to move their data between on-premises and cloud environments. Whit this, IT will need integrated storage and data management across a hybrid multi-cloud environment. This is why Commvault bought Hedvig last month.

As a side note, Kubernetes is the popular orchestration tool for managing containers. These are generally run stateless – any data used dies with the container. To make them stateful – data is saved when they die – persistent storage data needs to be added. This is where Hedvig comes in. Hedvig has Container Storage Interface (CSI) support for Kubernetes management, provides erasure coding for storage efficiency, and provides Kubernetes multi-tenancy and multi-data center cluster management.

Commvault’s new approach to containers converge many of the latest storage, container and cloud technologies by delivering an integrated control plane that abstracts container data from the infrastructure and storage on which it resides.

Tweet: What do puppies, container-native storage and SaaS backups have in common? @Commvault #ASGCommvault #CommvaultGO The lines between hybrid clouds and the multi-cloud world are blending and Commvault clearly will be a winner with this endeavor. With Commvault’s vision and technology, IT can expect storage to be an abstraction that can be anywhere, and, in any flavor (consumed as block, file or object storage). Here at ASG, we can expect a continual flow of developments as Commvault prepares Hedvig for this unified data and storage management future.

I’m sure I missed a few other announcements. Oh, and one more thing. Commvault didn’t disappoint this year with their puppy adoption booth. The booth was filled with so many cute puppies all up for adoption. Commvault GO not only delivered a great tech conference but was able to also get over 20 puppies adopted in the process!


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Mark Teter, Corporate Technologist

Mark Teter, Corporate Technologist

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