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In 2015, the data center automation market grew 13.7% to $2.3 billion, and it continues to be driven by virtualization, cloud computing, and DevOps automation within the data center. In fact, our recent blog – Preparing for a Cloud-First Approach to IT Adoption – underscores the need for data center automation solutions that allow rapid provisioning and scaling of resources.

An IDC report on data center automation market shares for 2015 suggests that we’ll see some growth over the next several years in the following areas:

  • Container management automation and orchestration
  • Cloud service brokers and automated service managers
  • Full-stack application and infrastructure life-cycle automation and orchestration for DevOps and production workloads
  • Fee-based automation and orchestration add-ons to public cloud IaaS and PaaS
  • Hybrid/multi-cloud automation to ensure workload portability and provisioning consistency

VMware is at the head of the pack for delivering on these trends. With a 29.1% share of the data center automation market and 2014-2015 growth of 37.7%, there really isn’t any other vendor that’s close. The VMware vRealize Suite is an enterprise-ready cloud management platform that’s nicely suited for the hybrid cloud and the need for fast provisioning and scaling of applications. vRealize delivers key benefits, such as:

  • Agility – Fast application provisioning helps IT meet the demands of line of business customers and partners.
  • Efficiency – Automation helps reduce both OpEx and CapEx thanks to better utilization of data center resources.
  • Optimize – Predictive analytics and smart alerts help proactively identify issues, ensuring optimum application performance and availability.
  • Control – vRealize better balances objectives across agility, risk, and cost by delivering the right level of control where and when needed.
  • Business and IT Alignment – vRealize helps deliver transparency into operations and cost.

AS IDC states in its market share report:

VMware’s strong growth in the market reflected the company’s continued focus on datacenter and cloud management automation.

With cloud computing solutions and mobile technology services accelerating rapidly, infrastructures have evolved into a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) approach that delivers a consistent, common management platform, data center scalability and flexibility, and overall organizational agility. We’re glad to see that VMware is positioned so well in this space.

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