BlogTwo More Compelling Reasons to Consider Data Center Convergence


Earlier this year Zenoss, a provider of IT monitoring and management software, conducted a survey of 183 IT professionals to gauge the adoption of data center convergence. The results suggest that it’s taking hold. Here are some findings:

  • 46 percent of the organizations polled are currently using a converged infrastructure stack and 44 percent are planning or considering adoption. (That’s 90 percent of the total.)
  • Of those polled, 70 percent cite efficient provisioning of resources as their top reason for moving toward data center convergence, with 66 percent citing greater agility.

In previous blogs, we’ve touted several benefits to adopting data center convergence, including:


1. Lower costs. A converged infrastructure reduces the need for dedicated, single-use components such as Fibre channel-only HBAs and switches.


2. Consistent, common management platform. With silos now a thing of the past, data center personnel can be streamlined and trained more effectively.


3. A path to 100Gbs. Common protocols and fabrics are now in place to implement performance upgrades toward 100Gbs.


4. Data center scalability and flexibility. IT can meet the needs of their internal clients by more efficiently deploying on-demand services or private cloud computing solutions.


These benefits certainly make for a compelling case for adoption, but there are two additional benefits that are leading drivers and that deserve some mention.


5. Faster resource provisioning. Data center convergence allows you to deploy applications quickly and efficiently across the enterprise with consistency, without impacting operational service level agreements (SLAs). What once might take three weeks can now be done in under an hour in some cases.


6. Improved organizational agility. When you take all of the previously mentioned converged infrastructure features and benefits, and you measure their impact on the enterprise, you have improved agility. Agility is perhaps the single greatest competitive differentiator available to many organizations in a world where decisions need to be made quickly. Whether you’re faced with strict data storage requirements geographically or collaborating on data sets from all over the world, data center convergence provides faster, more agile decision making.


The Zenoss survey also shared some of what early adopters of data center convergence are beginning to see as results. 79 percent cite improved productivity and 73 percent report improved customer satisfaction. As converged infrastructure adoption becomes even more mainstream, we’re sure additional benefits will be realized.

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Dustin Smith

Dustin Smith, Chief Technologist

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