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Increased infrastructure complexity combined with continuous data growth and change has resulted in limited visibility across the data center. Without the right IT analytics tools, optimizing application service levels while keeping IT costs in check can be an arduous challenge.

Bundled with Hitachi Data Center Analytics (HDCA), Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA) offers a complete data center analytics solution package. This solution allows collection of performance data from your infrastructure components using software probes that supports heterogeneous environments and simplifies performance management with an intuitive graphical user interface. The solution also provides capabilities for historical trend analysis and extensive report generation.

Software as a Service (SaaS) combines HIAA and HDCA capabilities through the cloud to enable on-premise capability with the SaaS-based deployment option.

HIAA enables you to improve operational efficiency through machine learning (ML) and build a scalable data center infrastructure that meets all your business needs without overrunning budgets. You can:

  • Deliver anomaly detection to easily monitor and maintain service levels.
  • Plan data center infrastructure growth properly to ensure requirements are met.
  • Consolidate analytics reporting across heterogeneous infrastructure resources at cloud scale.
  • Provide root cause analysis to quickly troubleshoot and resolve IT problems.
  • Reduce costs by eliminating on- premises management server, software and installation.
  • Enable cost flexibility with new subscription term licensing model.
  • Increase cloud scalability to address your needs as you grow.
  • Simplify ongoing software upgrades and maintenance.

With end-to-end topology views of your data path, you can determine the right actions to improve data center resource utilization and performance. The software provides in-depth visibility for the comprehensive performance management required to optimize business application servers with its supporting environment. Properly monitor and analyze key performance and health statistics from the server or virtual machine through its entire data path to shared storage resources.

Infrastructure Analytics Advisor provides the ability to transform IT metrics into simplified service level objectives (SLOs) for performance and capacity by host server or virtual machine. Continuously monitor SLOs to ensure compliance to service level agreements with integrated alerts providing early notification when service-level thresholds have been exceeded or anomalies have been detected. Create custom dashboards to centrally monitor service levels and system health.

HIAA incorporates ML to correlate and analyze large IT operational data sets and rapidly identify historical trends and anomalies, to help you effectively optimize and plan your infrastructure. With granular performance-monitoring intervals, you can obtain detailed and advanced reports customized to address various user needs.

It provides anomaly detection by analyzing a wide range of IT operational metrics for new ML-based insights for anomaly detection and to help you make the right decisions when optimizing resources. You can even define SLOs by host server, virtual machine or storage resource so they can be properly monitored and enforced.

HIAA eliminates the guesswork when planning and budgeting for new data center resources by building predictive risk profiles using historical trends that include all resource dependencies along the data path for improved forecasting accuracy. It delivers industry best practices and health insights to monitor key performance indicators across a heterogeneous, multivendor data center environment. This approach enables you to optimize all elements on the application server’s data path (server, virtual machine or VM, SAN network, storage) and easily identify and isolate performance problems.

Maintaining optimal performance and use is often hindered by time-consuming efforts to identify and troubleshoot performance bottlenecks. HIAA monitors any configuration changes so they can be correlated in time with any recent administrative activity or identified as anomalous and correctly immediately.

About the Author

Mark Teter, Corporate Technologist

Mark Teter, Corporate Technologist

In his role, Mark is responsible for the strategic direction of ASG’s emerging technology offerings and advancing the deployment of present-day hybrid cloud solutions for our customers. Mark has served as Faculty Staff Member at Colorado State University and has written over 50 white papers on subjects including Data Center Ethernet, Linux and Open Source, Storage Area Networks and Computer Virtualization. He published Paradigm Shift in 2006, a book on emerging technologies. He is a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect.