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VMware NSX, the network virtualization and security solution, enables the creation of networks in software and effectively embeds them in the hypervisor layer. This allows you to provision nearly all network components quickly, without the need for application modification. It addresses three use cases in particular that we’ll be discussing in detail in upcoming workshops this October in San Diego, California and Fort Collins, Colorado:

1. Security. VMware NSX embeds security functions directly into the hypervisor, delivering micro-segmentation and granular security to individual workloads, delivering a fundamentally more secure data center. NSX enables security policies to travel with specific workloads, independent of where they are in the network topology.

2. Automation. Automation gives IT organizations the ability to automate networking and security resource provisioning to provide fast, standardized, and consistent service to the business.

Developers can now get on-demand networking and security resources and run parallel development, test, and production environments securely on a common infrastructure, reducing time to market for the business.

3. Application Continuity. NSX abstracts networking from the underlying hardware and attaches networking and security policies to their associated workloads. Applications and data can reside and be accessible anywhere. IT can easily move workloads from one data center to another, or deploy them into a hybrid cloud environment.

If you’d like to learn more about NSX and these use cases, join us! We’ll be at the Dell/EMC offices in San Diego on October 5th and in Fort Collins, Colorado at Colorado State University on October 10th. Use the links below to reserve your seat in the city nearest you!

October 10 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

San Diego, CA Fort Collins, CO
October 5th 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


10590 W. Ocean Air Drive, San Diego, CA
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Colorado State University, Library Event Hall
1201 Centre Ave. Mall
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