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Deploying integration infrastructure solutions to your remote locations has always been challenging, especially without ‘boots on the ground’. And yet they often have complex data requirements just like your main location.

FlexPod with Cisco UCS Mini can meet these challenges by providing simple remote management of smaller domains – 2 to 15 servers – without the need for local IT. The Cisco UCS Mini delivers servers, storage, and 10 Gig networking in an easy-to-deploy form factor. When compared to traditional rack-mounted deployments, the UCS Mini provides up to 29% CapEx savings, up to 34% lower power consumption, and up to 80% fewer cables, making it one of the easiest data center management solutions available for remote office/branch office (ROBO) and point-of-sale retail environments that rely on data.

If those numbers aren’t compelling enough, here are three reasons why FlexPod with UCS Mini is worth consideration:

  1. Easier remote management – The Cisco UCS Manager delivers single, consistent, role and policy-based management that spans multiple systems within a data center, across multiple facilities, and across locations worldwide. The powerful combination of Cisco UCS Manager and Cisco UCS Central Software gives you consistency in your remote locations to simplify operations and support while reducing the need for remote IT staff.
  2. Less complexity – In IT, less complexity often translates to lower costs and there’s no exception here. Your operating costs are reduced because management is integrated, simplifying deployment and reducing the risk of configuration errors that can cause downtime. Integrated management means that you can deploy servers in minutes, rather than the days or weeks required in traditional environments.
  3. Lower TCO – Here are some figures from Cisco, showing TCO numbers for a small configuration of two servers over three years compared to a similar, leading IT offering:
    • 38% savings on server and switch hardware costs and warranty costs
    • 48% savings on power and cooling
    • 43% savings for initial provisioning and network admin
    • 100% savings on system management software licenses and warranty

For more information on FlexPod with UCS Mini visit the Cisco website. For more information on other FlexPod solutions, contact us directly. As a NetApp Professional Services Certified and FlexPod Premium Partner, we provide:

  • Access to the FlexPod Solution in our in-house technology laboratory  (iLab) for benchmarking and proof of concept
  • Access to the FlexPod PDI (Plan, Design, Implement) Help Desk
  • Access to the collaborative Professional Services Technical Consulting Accelerator (TCA)

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Eric Eiseman, Solutions Architect

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