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Hyperconverged Infrastructure – Organizational Benefits and Industry Performers

Big Data is getting bigger thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), the continued growth of social media, faster video and multimedia delivery, and greater use of cloud computing models to deliver optimized app performance. It’s safe to say that today’s data center technology needs to be state of the art and deliver on IT benefits.

The Cisco UCS Manager provides embedded, unified management of data center software and hardware components, allowing data center management for any number of chassis along with the resources for thousands of virtual machines. In a previous post last year, we touched on 7 ways the Cisco UCS Manager delivered key benefits. To recap, they were:

  1. Fewer failures (and the high cost associated with those failures)
  2. Strong focus on power efficiency
  3. Strong focus on delivering performance
  4. Strong security
  5. Robust management features
  6. The innovation of Virtual Interface Cards
  7. Lower overall risks

While these benefits most certainly deliver a solution that delivers sound TCO, Cisco commissioned Forrester Consulting to determine the extent of TCO and potential ROI that the UCS delivers to enterprise organizations. Their study determined the following three-year risk-adjusted results:

  • ROI = 307%
  • Payback period = 3.3 months
  • IT productivity savings = 30 – 50%

These are just some high-level numbers. Check out some of the details that Forrester uncovered (PDF) based on interviews with the companies that deployed Cisco UCS Manager:

  • Power and cooling – With Cisco UCS, the composite organization reduced its power and cooling costs by 50%, resulting in $51,959 in savings.
  • Network port and switch cost reduction –UCS’ simplified structure provides savings with regard to port and cabling costs to the tune of $703,462 for the composite organization in the study.
  • End user productivity savings – The composite organization reduced unplanned downtime with the Cisco UCS implementation, saving end users five hours per year, equivalent to $118,545.
  • Faster time-to-market – The Cisco UCS Manager enabled faster time-to-market for the composite organization’s infrastructure projects, reducing the execution time by 75% and saving approximately $177,971.

We’ve deployed a number of Cisco UCS implementations in numerous environments and have seen these benefits realized first hand.

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