BlogTackling Safe Harbor and Data Security with Object Storage

Most companies don’t completely realize how much intellectual property their employees are storing on their desktops or controlled in home directories. This sensitive data might contain proprietary and confidential information about the organization, yet there are no specific controls to address privacy or Safe Harbor requirements.

With object storage, data is managed by creating a unique identifier for each item stored. Unlike hierarchically stored data, object storage enables the number of stored items to grow beyond the limits of traditional storage systems, while still maintaining the integrity and consistency of the data. Now, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), one of our storage partners, has introduced new enhancements that extend the flexibility, security, and breadth of their object storage solution and that also help deliver the economies of a public cloud computing platform with the benefits of a private cloud.

As their recent press release states:

The latest version of HCP provides enhanced data management and cutting edge data protection features that deliver robust data security, sovereignty and compliance. Included in these enhancements is the new HCP S30, which offers over 450PB of affordable commodity storage in a single system. The new HCP G node server architecture also gives organizations greater flexibility to support mixed workloads with varying performance and scale requirements, and support for SSDs for higher performing workloads. A new version of Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI) rounds out the new offerings, bringing customers greater performance and economy of storage, expansion of software-defined architectures and improved data mobility. Combined, these new updates allow IT professionals to build, run and manage their own private or hybrid cloud storage within budget.

Now that public cloud storage systems—such as Google or Dropbox—are offering easy-to-use global access to data, people are only too willing to sacrifice security for convenience. And this creates a complex problem for IT departments that are already short staffed.  With HDS’ latest additions to their object storage platform, companies can now deliver the benefits and conveniences of public cloud solutions in a safer, private cloud offering.


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