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Is your storage administration tedious, labor-intensive, and seemingly never-ending? Perhaps storage virtualization solutions from Hitachi Data Systems are worth considering. As your existing storage technology ages, you can leverage older storage devices by redeploying them as lower performance storage tiers, extending the life of prior storage investments.

Here are six more ways that storage virtualization from Hitachi can helps your data and your bottom line:

  1. Consolidate, simplify and scale your storage needs. When you consolidate your storage systems and infrastructure through a single management interface, your IT group can leverage and enhance efficiencies. This will enable you to deliver a shared-storage-services model across the SAN that provides better utilization, performance, and data availability.
  2. Improve automation. Thanks to a software-defined infrastructure, virtualization delivers automated efficiency. This simplifies provisioning, performance, capacity utilization, and data protection.
  3. Create more nimble software-defined services. In a software-defined data center environment, the infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service. Control of the environment is entirely automated by software. This means that new applications can change and respond to the current environment.
  4. Leverage your current and existing assets. Storage virtualization allows you to extend the life of your current storage systems by adding provisioning, dynamic tiering, and updated VMware compatibility. You can also reclaim unused storage helping to boost capacity and better manage utilization with your existing storage systems.
  5. Simplify data mobility and migrations. Online data mobility means you can more easily move data, reducing risk and improving business continuity. With today’s large data sets, online data migrations increase business agility and flexibility when moving data between tiers, and they boost application availability.
  6. Improve reliability across the storage infrastructure. Companies that manage disparate storage systems can realize simplified management with virtualization by creating a strong storage architecture foundation. This, in turn, allows you to create a single data protection and compliance strategy that reduces the risk of outages and minimizes the impact on business operations.

Storage virtualization solutions – such as those from Hitachi Data Systems – can create the foundation for a modern software-defined data center. You’ll get a virtualized storage environment that delivers all the cost savings and simplified management that virtualized storage can offer.

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