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Upgrading IT infrastructure is critical as organizations embrace digital transformation. Speeding up enterprise application performance and implementing today’s data analytics – think artificial intelligence and machine learning – require data storage solutions that are built with all-flash technology. Our technology partner, NetApp, has recently been the recipient of some accolades that are worth sharing.

First, the NetApp AFF A800, the industry’s first all-NVMe flash storage system, garnered the number one spot on the SPEC SFS2014 SWBUILD benchmark testing. It produced results almost three times the performance of the nearest contender making it the hands-down leader.

Second, the NetApp AFF A300 recently won the Editor’s Choice Award from StorageReview. Here’s what they had to say about the AFF A300 performance:

Performance in excess of competitive offerings, a feature set that is innovative and sets a new bar for competitive offerings or for defining a new category or space within enterprise IT.

Some of the key features and benefits that help deliver these results include:

  • The industry’s first end-to-end NVMe-based enterprise all-flash array that delivers up to 11.4 million IOPS and over 700PB of effective capacity. Their all-flash array has been cited a leader as well
  • Sub-200μs latency and a massive 300GB/s throughput
  • The ability to support 60 percent more workloads which can cut application response time in half
  • The ability to store 2PB of data in a 4U compact system with 5 to 10 times the SSD storage savings, thanks to inline data reduction technologies
  • Reduce power use by 15 times, reduce rack space by 37 times, and lower support costs by 67 percent
  • Unify data management across both SAN and NAS environments
  • System setup in just 10 minutes
  • Best-in-class integrated data protection and cloud backup and recovery

As today’s enterprises look to leverage their data and transform their agility, using all-flash storage solutions like those from NetApp can help get you there faster! You can utilize our iLab Services. Our iLab offers you an enterprise-grade infrastructure where you can evaluate storage solutions in a practical setting to see how they address your challenges. It’s a great way to make informed decisions.

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