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Red Hat Ansible Tower is an automation engine that helps organizations break down the complexity of delivering applications. It’s simple, powerful, and allows IT the ability to accelerate DevOps initiatives. As Ansible says:

It’s designed to be minimal in nature, consistent, secure, and highly reliable, with an extremely low learning curve for administrators, developers, and IT managers. Ansible seeks to keep descriptions of IT easy to build, and easy to understand – such that new users can be quickly brought into new IT projects, and longstanding automation content is easily understood even after months of being away from a project. Ansible seeks to make things powerful for expert users, but equally accessible for all skill levels, ensuring a quicker time to market for IT projects and faster, less-error prone turnaround on IT configuration change.

There are four features inherent with Ansible Tower that help IT manage complex deployments that we wanted to share:

  1. Multi-Playbook Workflows. The workflows help you provision machines, apply a base system configuration, and deploy the application, all with different playbooks and differing teams. It allows for testing the application in a dev environment and then automatically incorporates the test results prior to promoting the application. This makes provisioning machines and applications quicker despite the complexity of your environment.
  2. Tower Clusters. Tower clusters allow you to scale automation by adding redundancy and capacity. It also provides reserved capacity, so you can allocate to teams as needed across different network zones.
  3. Comprehensive REST API and Tower CLI Tool. Every feature of Ansible Tower is available via the REST API, so it becomes the ideal tool systems infrastructure management. You can build custom dashboards and receive whatever information you and your IT teams need.
  4. Inventory Management. You can pull inventory from AWS, Azure and other public cloud providers or your resident cloud or VMware environment. It can also automate provisioning, so you can configure on demand.

Ansible Tower does a great job of delivering productivity gains to IT by providing clear orchestration of complex, multi-tier workflows in a single automation tool. Check out the whitepaper – Ansible In Depth. You can also check out our iLab Services, where you can experiment with the latest technologies before you buy.

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