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Shared Accelerated Storage – a term created by Gartner and defined as follows:

The NVMe-oF protocol can take advantage of high-speed remote direct memory access (RDMA) networks and will help balance the performance and simplicity of direct-attached storage (DAS) with the scalability and manageability of shared storage.

This new class of data storage is essentially what it sounds like; shared access to storage at accelerated speeds to allow applications to run effortlessly. It unites the best qualities of SAN and DAS – shared access, reliable, fast, simple, and cheap – while eliminating the negatives – mixed performance, complexity, lack of software. One of our partners – PureStorage – has a great all flash product that delivers on this new storage ideal in FlashArray//X (//X10. //X20, //X50, //X70, and //X90 – depending on your data center requirements). It essentially merges their FlashArray //X and //M products into one.

Here are some reasons we like the new FlashArray//X:

  1. It’s super-fast. Built on the PureStorage DirectFlash architecture, it is 100 percent NVMe and delivers 2X performance of the //M version. It also delivers latency as low as 250 µs with full data services enabled. As Pure states: “All the new controllers are NVMe-oF-Ready.  They come with onboard 25 Gb/s Ethernet and can be configured with NVMe-oF Ready 16/32 Gb/s Fibre Channel or 50 Gb/s Ethernet (and in the future 100 Gb/s Ethernet).  We plan to ship NVMe-oF protocol support later this year via a non-disruptive upgrade (NDU) to software. But the best part – the specs above are using iSCSI and FC – //X will only get faster once NVMe-oF is enabled.”
  2. Consolidation is dense. The all-NVMe architecture aids in consolidation, delivering up to 3PB in 6U, and a market-leading 10:1 Total Efficiency, and a 5:1 data reduction. This reduces workloads and delivers performance consistency.
  3. Simplicity at scale. Pure’s Always-on QoS delivers 99.9999 percent availability, comes with full software services built in (DirectFlash), and delivers API automation and AI-driven cloud management.
  4. It’s Evergreen. From Pure: “Existing customers can move from //M → //X non-disruptively, and either choose to just keep their SATA flash in-place and start adding NVMe DirectFlash, or they can use UpgradeFlex Capacity Consolidation to trade-in SATA flash for new NVMe Flash at much higher density.  In a world where our competitors are shipping new products with no upgrade path – we’ve delivered now seven generations of FlashArray non-disruptive, data-in-place upgrades.”

PureStorage has done a pretty good job of redefining (along with Gartner’s assistance) all-flash storage. You can utilize ASG’s Pure certified engineering team to evaluate the FlashArray//X in your environment. Our expert architectural design team will help you evaluate enterprise storage solutions in a practical setting to see how they address your challenges. It’s a great way to make informed decisions.

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