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We’re blessed with well over a decade of experience re­fining the planning, technical processes, and industry best practices necessary for successful, event-free data center relocations. Whether it’s a cold move of your existing equipment, a hot move of your existing equipment, or a hot move to new equipment, we’ve overseen and managed numerous data center relocations.

Our experience has taught us that there are four things you should avoid at all costs when planning a data center relocation:

  1. An incomplete understanding of your data center inventory. It’s imperative that you know your infrastructure inside and out – software, servers, storage, and networking equipment. Understanding how the functionality of your infrastructure impacts your lines of business will help you with the technical requirements needed prior to a move. It’s also smart to find out what you don’t know, so talk to your IT teams and see what tribal knowledge you can uncover before that knowledge has time to cause problems with your data center relocation.
  2. Not knowing the impact your data center has on business operations. Plan for contingencies along the way so that any scheduled downtime won’t affect the continuity of those who rely on the data center. We recommend an Application Mapping or AppMap engagement to identify, document, and analyze critical business services and applications—including their infrastructure dependencies—and systemically evaluate them against your business requirements. Armed with this data, you can then begin to architect several migration or relocation options and select the comprehensive solution that best addresses your business and technical requirements.
  3. Being unaware of risks. Most data centers contain complex interdependencies between business-critical applications and assets. Understanding these relationships can help you create a risk analysis prior to your relocation. Which applications and data are mission critical? Which are not?
  4. A failure to seek experienced experts. Data center relocations are complex, risky, and can be downright scary given the reliance that businesses today have on applications, data, and the technologies that keep them available. Our approach to data center relocations isolates and compartmentalizes data sets, minimizes known variables, and arranges potential back-out points.

Every data center move is inherently risky, since any interruption can be detrimental to your business. Taking a step back and approaching the relocation methodically can help allay fears. Our approach includes a business impact analysis (BIA), utilization and performance analysis, inventory verification, physical, virtual and application interdependency mapping, and a customized relocation plan with a detailed action plan.

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Dustin Smith

Dustin Smith, Chief Technologist

Throughout his twenty-five year career, Dustin Smith has specialized in designing enterprise architectural solutions. As the Chief Technologist at ASG, Dustin uses his advanced understanding of cloud compute models to help customers develop and align their cloud strategies with their business objectives. His master-level engineering knowledge spans storage, systems, and networking.