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ASG gets a lot of attention from emerging IT technology vendors. After 3 decades of being front and center with the IT vendor community, we’ve gotten to know a lot of people in the industry who often reach out to us to present their latest greatest product releases.

Recently I met with WekaIO and found their product and technology very interesting. In fact, we have already seen tremendous interest from our customer base in their solution. So here are the goods…

WekaIO is a software only product (yea, I can use my own hardware!). Their filesystem, known as Matrix, is an NVMe-native, resilient file system that runs on commodity servers, delivering the higher bandwidth, lower latency performance to any InfiniBand or Ethernet enabled GPU or CPU based cluster. Matrix is a POSIX compliant filesystem that runs more efficiently than NFS by leveraging a customized protocol to deliver file-based semantics. Its extreme performance is due to its ability to bypass the Linux kernel. This means Matrix is not only faster with lower latency, but it’s also portable across different bare-metal, VM, containerized, and cloud instance environments.

Matrix manages its assigned resources (CPU cores, memory regions, network interface card, and SSDs) to provide process scheduling, memory management, and to control the IO and networking stacks. By not relying on the Linux kernel, Matrix effectively utilizes a zero-copy architecture with much more predictable latencies. As a result, Matrix allows you to have extreme performance in a sharable file system without the need to use all flash arrays (AFA).

WekaIO’s architecture is radically different from most other storage systems, appliances, and hypervisor-based software-defined storage solutions because it allows parallel file access via POSIX, SMB, NFS, HDFS, REST and S3. The data services include the usual support for local and remote snapshots (even to the cloud), cloning, automated cloud tiering (public, private, hybrid), dynamic cluster rebalancing, single name space, etc. WekaIO is also easy to deploy, configure, manage and expand requiring no specialized training (even managing PB+ storage environments).


The design philosophy behind Matrix was to create a storage solution that has the performance of AFA with the scalability and economics of the cloud that runs on-premises or in the public cloud. In summary:

  • Supports bare metal, containerized, virtual, and cloud (on-prem, hybrid, public) environments
  • Deployable as hyper-converged, a dedicated storage server, or native in the cloud
  • Flexible application storage access, including POSIX, SMB, NFS, HDFS, and REST S3
  • POSIX compliant adaptable performance for small and large files, mixed random and sequential I/O patterns
  • Application level latencies lower than any All-Flash-Array, unlimited random IOPS performance – scales linearly with the size of the cluster
  • Automated built-in tiering across fast solid-state devices and cloud or on-prem object storage
  • Distributed resilience eliminates bottlenecks of traditional data protection. End-to-end data protection provides additional protection against intermittent hardware failures


Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or if you want to speak with an engineer about your solutions needs!

About the Author

Mark Teter, Corporate Technologist

Mark Teter, Corporate Technologist

In his role, Mark is responsible for the strategic direction of ASG’s emerging technology offerings and advancing the deployment of present-day hybrid cloud solutions for our customers. Mark has served as Faculty Staff Member at Colorado State University and has written over 50 white papers on subjects including Data Center Ethernet, Linux and Open Source, Storage Area Networks and Computer Virtualization. He published Paradigm Shift in 2006, a book on emerging technologies. He is a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect.