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Can you answer YES to any of the following questions?

  • Is your business, application, or IT affected by performance issues?
  • Do you often find yourself making ‘emergency’ IT purchases?
  • Do you have revenue-generating applications that aren’t quite working as expected?
  • Do you have any upcoming seasonal events that might stress your current environment or resources? A merger or divestiture? A data center move or consolidation?
  • Have you recently acquired an application through a merger or acquisition?
  • Have you recently lost any key employees? Do you worry about losing a ‘mad scientist’ who’s the only person who can make one of your applications work? (Think tribal knowledge.)

If so, you and your organization may be the perfect candidate for our new Application Discovery and Mapping Technology Workshop.

Business applications naturally sprawl and intertwine across physical architectures through the normal evolution of IT environments. Although created organically, interdependencies produce complicated solutions that tend to be in­flexible and difficult to grow.

Ultimately, these unknown application architectures are easy to damage, difficult to troubleshoot, and thoroughly frustrating for the unfortunate employees tasked with supporting them. And eventually, after enough ‘ad hoc’ administration and undocumented interconnections to other systems, you might even have a key business application that no one wants to touch.

In these situations, you may need to regain control of your application architecture before you can start making strategic decisions regarding your IT environment.

About the Author

Dustin Smith

Dustin Smith, Chief Technologist

Throughout his twenty-five year career, Dustin Smith has specialized in designing enterprise architectural solutions. As the Chief Technologist at ASG, Dustin uses his advanced understanding of cloud compute models to help customers develop and align their cloud strategies with their business objectives. His master-level engineering knowledge spans storage, systems, and networking.