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As a NetApp FlexPod Premium Partner, ASG has built its in-house technology interoperability lab (iLab) to include multiple NetApp, Cisco, and VMware technologies. Together, they showcase the ease of use and business benefits of NetApp Verified Architectures (NVAs) and Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs).

Now, NetApp and Cisco have introduced FlexPod SF, a new FlexPod solution that brings the NetApp SolidFire Element operating system that runs on Cisco C220 M4 servers. This is the first time that FlexPod is delivered with an all-Cisco hardware platform that is powered by Cisco software and Element OS.

In a recent blog announcing FlexPod SF, NetApp states:

The solution provides a scale-out flash storage option for block-based iSCSI workloads within the FlexPod data center environment. It is uniquely suited for multi-workload deployments that require guaranteed performance and robust automation capabilities. 

FlexPod SF presents performance and capacity as independent, unified, and entirely separate pools. Each storage volume within the Element OS can be allocated an exact amount of capacity and performance, both of which you can change dynamically without migrating data or affecting performance. With guaranteed performance control comes the ability to consolidate a broad range of mixed applications within a single storage platform—confidently and predictably.

FlexPod SF also brings always-on efficiencies – including cluster-wide deduplication and advanced thin provisioning – that will allow organizations to build the infrastructure necessary to facilitate the next-generation data center builds.

The ASG iLab is available to our customers for benchmarking, proof of concept testing, and hands-on experiential learning. We’re happy to demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of the NetApp FlexPod, FlexPod SF, Cisco UCS, Nexus, VMware NSX, and SolidFire next generation data center (NGDC) technologies. If you’re interested, feel free to contact us.


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Dan Setzke

Dan Setzke, Strategic Alliance Manager

Dan Setzke is a Strategic Alliance Manager at ASG and our resident expert for NetApp, Cisco, VMware, and FlexPod solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Dan provides our team with high-level technical, sales, pricing, and configuration support.