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The management complexity of the computing environment in today’s data centers has grown significantly. In order to provide businesses with IT infrastructure agility, IT organizations need to deploy dynamic application architectures. In addition, increased cloud adoption has led more organizations to explore configuration management tools. Automated configuration management was one of the early drivers of the DevOps movement, and allows developer and testing teams to create products more rapidly. When done correctly, configuration management is a powerful tool for operations teams, with the potential to eliminate the need to configure servers by hand.

One scenario in which configuration can become burdensome is with the Elastic Stack and Elasticsearch in particular.

Elasticsearch is an amazing tool for the data center and the business. Providing fast search and storage of unstructured data, the applications are endless for this new data management tool. That said, there are times when it would be nice to have some automation to manage the cluster integrated with Elasticsearch.

When it comes time to do something as simple as adding disk space to your Elasticsearch cluster, this may require first adding space to the virtual machine, then adding those new devices to the operating system and formatting them for use. This process must then be repeated for each node in the cluster.  On a large cluster this can become onerous and breeds mistakes.

AVA – Advanced Vector Automation – is a new kind of automation platform. AVA knows how to automate VMware and can add those new disk devices for you. AVA can then add the filesystems and even integrate with Elasticsearch and complete the entire workflow of adding additional storage space for you, with the touch of one button. AVA combined with Elasticsearch gives you a new powerful technology for search and analytics as well as an automation platform that can do the repetitive work that it takes to keep Elastic running at peak performance.

Check out the AVA video below for additional insights into our AIOps model:

AVA is designed to manage and control risk that is inherent in any data center, providing a safety net that eliminates application downtime and system outages that should not have occurred in the first place.

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