BlogLinux and Windows are Converging – Does it Matter in the Big Picture?


Most technologies today are based on the Linux operating system. There’s critical value inherent in Linux and how it’s embedded in most new compute appliance solutions.

As I prepare for an upcoming workshop focused on Linux, I came across an article at The Var Guy – The Linux and Windows Ecosystems are Converging. Here’s Why It Matters. The article states:

Windows is starting to look a lot like Linux — and vice versa. As the feature sets and use cases for these two operating systems converge, the line separating the Windows and Linux ecosystems is disappearing.

The reality is that these two operating systems have actually been converging for a quite a while now. A developer friend of mine painted a clearer picture for me. He said:

What I’ve felt for a while is that the operating system really doesn’t matter anymore. Virtualization, cloud, and now containers are all about portability. It doesn’t matter where you run applications. You just need an executable somewhere. I avoid anything with a license fee, because that’s a complication regardless if it’s proprietary or free and open-source software (FOSS).

Just a reminder, if you’re interested in learning about Linux there’s still inherent value in the operating system for the foreseeable future. Here’s more information on this Saturday’s workshop.


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